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I am happy to work with you by phone or email
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Rulien’s Lost Muse 
Price List 2014-2015

I am happy to design a custom strap to match any guitar.
I make drawings of the designs & email them out for your approval.
I work with you by email, phone, text & FaceBook!
If requested, I will send a sample of buffalo & cowhide which I use as backing.
I dye all the buffalo & cowhide myself so I am able to achieve many colors.
All straps will be named & numbered, and signed.
There is no extra charge for extra engraving on underside of strap…example;
Happy Birthday, Anniversary etc...
No added charge for colors Natural, Black, or Chocolate,
(Distressed colors adds $35 as it is more work to achieve the distress)
(Red, White & Blue straps adds $50 due to different dye process)

$300-Buffalo strap with small inlay or gemstone detail/design such as an initial etc.(approx.2”X 2”)
$300-Buffalo strap with custom inlay of snake, reptile etc.
$300 -Strap made of the Buffalo hump with amazing textures these are beautiful!!! This price is for no art work. There is only one hump/spine per hide. These are very limited!
$350 -For Custom Event ‘Limited Edition’ Straps.
This includes Buffalo strap with custom inlay of snake, reptile etc. $35 - Extra for engraved brass plates.
$450 -Buffalo strap with custom design of hand beaded stones.
(coral, hematite, tiger eye, jade etc.)
$475 -Buffalo strap with custom design of Amber or Turquoise gemstones. Hand beaded.
$600  & up -Detailed seed bead designs, these straps take several weeks to hand bead.

$300 -Banjo & Mandolin straps/add $50 for stone designs

$35 -Distressed dye color
$40-Sheepskin comfort padding on strap (Natural or Black)
$50-Deerskin piping/trim
Shipping and Handling $10 for USA $20 for other countries (Prices in US Dollars)

Thanks very much for your interest in my guitar straps!
And remember,
 ‘You don’t hang a Diamond on a Shoe-string!’

Note: Prices subject to change
Major Credit Cards accepted; International Credit Card will add 3.79%
Prices quoted are guideline starting prices.
Some Straps will cost more if the design is really detailed or difficult,
or if the type of inlay material such as snake or reptile is hard to find or expensive etc. 
Or if the customer is grumpy!

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